I believe that the food we eat is just as important as the exercise we do. By putting as much focus on our personal diets as we do our fitness programs, we are helping ourselves with a two-pronged strategy.
To get us started, here’s a few quick tips to help you to a better lifestyle and diet balance. Don’t forget to share your ideas by using the contact page – then there will always be enough to go around!

  • When eating, do just that! – Relax, turn off your mobile, don’t face the TV!
  • When snacking, plate it up! – It’s a little inconvenient, but that’s kind of the point, and you will notice just how much you snack through the day.
  • Eat everything on the plate, by putting everything on the plate! – Then you have a better idea of how much you are eating each mealtime.
  • Smaller plate, smaller portions! – You eat more if you use a bigger plate. It’s that simple.
  • Eat half a meal, then the other half! – By taking a moment to consider the rest of your meal, you have a better idea about portioning, and are not just eating for eating’s sake.
  • Don’t give it 100%, give it 80! – By trimming approximately 20% of your calories, you are on a better path to better health through dieting.

All the best, R2.